February 25, 2021 2 min read

  • It is a material that we can transport easily, they do not weigh much, and we can put them in a backpack when we go on a trip, to a park or without going further to our gym.
  • It is a very cheap material, and its advantage is that it can last you for years. If the quality of the rubber is better, its price will also increase, but it is worth investing in your health.
  • Wide variety of exercises: we can train alone, in pairs and in a group. We can hold the rubber on our feet, on a bench, a tree, which is held by our personal trainer or a training partner. Something key is that if we have imagination and experience, we can create our own sessions.
  • We work the muscles progressively: when we train with weights, bars, pulleys, we have the same tension throughout the movement, but if we are starting to do physical exercise, resistance bands are a good complement to gradually increase the intensity, since it allows us to self-regulate within the exercise itself. We can also take advantage of our own body weight to apply less or greater intensity to the exercise, this is a plus if we want to train calisthenics outdoors.
  • We can prevent injuries: our muscles absorb more gradually the forces exerted by resistance bands during physical exercise. We work more safely with our joints, since the bars and dumbbells put more stress on the wrists. If we warm up, our structure will be better prepared to withstand a greater tension in the concentric and eccentric phases. We do not force the joints as they allow us more freedom in movement.
  • Resistance bands are used to improve strength-resistance: therefore, they help us increase muscle mass (hypertrophy) and fatigue resistance to withstand prolonged efforts. With resistance bands, strength-endurance training is performed at an intensity much lower than enough for strength-power training.

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