February 19, 2021 2 min read

  • It depends on your goal to use the resistance bands for some exercises or others, the intensity of the rubber band, whether to use them in the warm-up or in the main part of the training session, whether to add the strength of the rubber to that of a bar with discs, as a complement to weights or as a sole material, etc.
  • To start with your warm-up phase:at the beginning of the training session, it is very important to prepare your structure, your muscles, joints, tendons, for the subsequent exercise that is more intense, so the resistance bands are a good way to exercise resistance to low intensity, since you can regulate the strength of these. When performing a rehabilitation phase for an injury. It is very common to use these rubbers or bands to recover from an injury that we may suffer, since they help us in the rehabilitation phase to return to sports activity progressively.
  • To increase muscle mass.You can use the resistance bands to complement weight training, thus adding more intensity to the exercises' eccentric phase, since the rubber bands tend to return to their original state, allowing us to accumulate greater metabolic stress.
  • With the goal of losing fat.  You can also use this supplement to help us maintain muscles and burn calories with that extra muscle tension that this material offers us. In addition to doing very fun and intense metabolic circuits.
  • Overcome deadlock points.A good example of this is overcoming the stagnation in the bench press, when with a certain weight we get "stuck" in the middle of the stroke and we do not get to do the full repetition, a good option is to add resistance bands to the sides of the bar and thus be able to overcome it more easily. It can be applied to deadlifts, etc.
  • To improve our balance and postural control.Performing exercises to strengthen our core, as assistance in our stretching, strengthening our glutes, we improve the strength of the stabilizer muscles of the spine due to the isometric work that is executed when trying to stabilize ourselves in the exercises, all this will make us lead a lifestyle healthier, and activities of daily life will be easier for us.

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